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ForceField™ High Temperature Headliner Adhesive is designed for applications that require higher than normal bond strength and/or the ability to maintain bond strength at elevated temperatures.  While intended for use in the installation of carpeting and headliner materials in autos, trucks, RVs, and boats; this product is also ideal for bonding together other materials in harsh environments where both heat-resistance and water-resistance are required. This product dries clear and provides a permanent weather-resistant bond, on fabric, foam, plastics, or rubber.


Always test for suitability by applying High Temperature Headliner Adhesive to a small sample of the materials to be bonded.  For best results, apply to new or clean dry surfaces. As this is a solvent-based product, exercise proper caution by applying either outdoors, or in a well-ventilated area. Do not spray near flame, sparks, heated surfaces, or other potential sources of ignition. Avoid excessive airborne mist. Shake the container well prior to use. Spray while holding the container about 8 inches away from the surface to be treated.  Adhesive should be applied to both surfaces being joined to assure a proper bond.  It is best to keep the container moving to achieve an even coating of the surface. Allow High Temperature Headliner Adhesive to dry to a tack (approx. 30 to 60 seconds), and bond surfaces together using uniform pressure, taking care to eliminate any air pockets.  Allow 24 hours for surfaces to cure and achieve maximum bond strength.


  In the event that the applied adhesive dries-out, or looses it tack, prior to being bonded to the substrate, additional adhesive can be applied over the dried layer.

 Certain plastic or elastomeric substrates may experience bond failure due to plasticizer migration. 

Available in the Following Size

12.5 oz Aerosol Spray


·   Perfect for Auto, Boat, RV

  (Headliner, Trim, Carpet, Repairs)

·   Holds Up in High Temperature Applications 

·   High-Strength Bond Formula

·   Bonds to Plastic, Wood & Metal

·   Water Resistant

·   Chlorofluorocarbon-Free & Methylene Chloride-Free

HMIS  Health: Fire: Reactivity: 1

pH: NA (Solvent Based Product)

Solubility: Negligible

Boiling Point: -472°F to -44°F (Flashpoint -156°F)

Storage: Below 120°F, Well-ventilated

Regulatory: Consumer Commodity (ORM-D) for Ground/Vessel Transport, (ORM-D AIR) for Air Shipment

Heat Resistance: Max. Service Temp. 160°F

Solids:  21% +/- 2%

VOC Content:  53.4% By Weight

Appearance: White Liquid (when wet), Clear (when dry)

Odor: Mint (when wet)

Specific Gravity: 0.6867 +/- 0.0005  (5.72 lbs/gal)

Chemical Family: Aerosol Adhesive

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children.

Danger: Extremely Flammable - Level 3 Aerosols, Avoid Flame.Contents Under Pressure, Vapor Harmful

Solvent System:Hexane, Acetone, Toluene, C12-C14 Isoalkanes, Cyclohexane

Propellant: DME & Hydrocarbon Blend

VOC Compliant for CA & OTC: Yes


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