Lipstick & Ink Remover™





ForceField® Lipstick & Ink Remover is designed to remove the toughest lipstick, ink, and marking pen marks from finished leather furniture, clothing, shoes, or other accessories.  Unsightly marks are cleaned without drying or causing any appreciable change in the texture or feel of the leather


Use On Sofas, Chairs, Vests, Auto Upholstery, Shoes, and Other Finished Leather Furniture and Accessories.


How & Why ForceField® Lipstick & Ink Remover Works


This product is a specially blended mixture of pH-neutral non-ionic surfactants with mild detergent properties.  The combination of these materials results in a powerful water-based cleaner that is strong enough to remove permanent marker, yet gentle enough for finished leather.


As the tanning and dying process vary significantly between manufacturers, it is always best to test the color fastness of the finished leather item prior to use.  Apply a small amount of Lipstick & Ink Remover to a clean white cloth, and gently rub this onto an inconspicuous area.  If no color comes off onto the cloth and no change occurs in the original surface, continue with the directions below.


1.  Remove any excess stain from the surface using a clean cloth, being careful not to spread the stain.

2.  Apply Lipstick & Ink Remover to a clean white cloth.  Blot the stained area and use a circular motion to gently work the stained area and remove the stain.  Repeat the process if necessary.

3.  Dampen a clean portion of the cloth with water and gently work the cleaned area to remove any excess Lipstick & Ink Remover.  Blot up any excess moisture.


Do not use this product on suede or unfinished leather materials, as it may darken some leathers.

Available in 4oz Plastic Bottle


·     Non-Hazardous

·     Extremely Low VOC Formula

·     Water Based

·     Even Removes Permanent Marker




HMIS  Health: Fire: Reactivity: 0

Appearance: Clear to Light Amber Liquid

pH: 6.5 to 8.0

Odor: Mild Lemon

Solubility: Completely Water Soluble

Specific Gravity: 0.98 +/- 0.02  (8.17 lbs/gal)

Boiling Point: 100°C

Chemical Family: Aqueous Surfactant Solution

Storage: Above 0°C, Below 50°C

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children.

Regulatory: Not Regulated

Caution: Keep away from eyes.


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