Furniture Products and Programs for the Furniture Industry

Shield Industries manufactures ForceField® Fabric and Leather Protectants. Our products are extensively used in the Furniture and Carpet Industry and in Furniture Warranty Programs throughout the United States and Canada.


We are the Industry Leader in Surface Modification Chemicals. ForceField® products will outperform all other products to care for Furniture.


Our Protectors will not affect the look, feel or hand of the Fabric or Leather. Can be used on ANY Fiber, Fabric, Carpet or Leather. Repels virtually all liquid stains and outperforms competitors on Oil and Water Repellency Tests in the Industry. These products contain no PFOS or PFOA compounds and is safe for the environment, and once dry, are completely safe for children and pets and is hypoallergenic.


ForceField® Products are designed to retard soiling, clean stains that no other cleaners can touch and restore fabrics and leathers to like new appearance. Our cleaners are no rinse, do not affect protection and actually leave behind protection. The do not resoil.


We have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and are the Only Carpet, Rug, Upholstery Cleaner to achieve this Award. When used in a Self-Warranty or a ForceField® Warranty Program, these products will reduce liability on stains and spills. This allows the customer to clean the stain themselves, thus cutting calls for Service on Stains Drastically. Customers will be completely amazed at the quality and efficacy of these products.


Simply the highest quality products available today.


Shield Industries manufactures:

  • Fabric Protectants

  • Leather Protectants

  • Nubuck/Suede and Sensitive Leather Protectants

  • Wood Restorers

  • Leather Cleaner Conditioners

  • Water-based Ink & Lipstick Remover for Finished Leathers

  • Dry Cleaning Solvents

  • Degreasers

  • UV Sunblocks

  • Fire Retardants

  • Mold and Mildew Inhibitors for Fabrics and Leathers

  • Our products are used in  TOP 100 Retailers and Beyond as well as Independents.


    We have the flexibility to customize a program to fit specific needs and wants.


    As well as Private Label products for a more customized program.


    We offer the Highest Quality products available and will outperform all others on Protection and Cleaning.


    For more information on Shield Industries, ForceField® Products and our Furniture Industry Progams, please contact:


    Jill Murphy



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    131 Smokehill Lane - Woodstock, GA 30188
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